Lead-Acid Replacement | 12V Lithium-ion Series (TE1250 | TE12100 | TE12120 | TE12150 | TE12200 | TE12300)

Specially designed to replace lead-acid batteries in all applications, including ship APU (auxiliary power unit), RV, EV, lawn mower, AGV, and golf carts.

Compact design. Module automotive grade anti-vibration design.
Smart Bluetooth APP. Support Android & IOS system.
High & low temperature protection.
Optional CAN/RS485/RS232 communication.

Excellent safety performance and advantages over lead-acid batteries:
1. Volume: 20%-30% smaller.
2. Weight: 1/3-1/2 of lead acid batteries.
3. No hazardous gas emission.
4. Lifespan and warranty: 5,000+,5 years warranty.

LFP battery vs Lead Acid battery

Lead-Acid Replacement

12V Lithium-ion Series